„Be it even few coppers “shouted the principal. „Remember what Mr Maurus says, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to money and other things, he has gone all grey because of it. He says: Never leave your money in a collection box, not here nor a hotel, because it is like a hotel here… like in a large boarding school hotel. If you don’t have a safe place or unsure on how to handle it then bring it to Mr Maurus: you should bring it to me if you don’t know how to handle your money wisely.


Large snack platter (for four people)20.00€
Jalopeno peppers with cheddar cheese filling5.80€
BBQ chicken wings with salsa sauce4.90€
Maurus cheese balls with dip-sauce4.80€
Breaded onion rings4.80€

Fried dumplings5.20€
French fries with dip-sauce4.20€
Garlic bread with dip-sauce3.90€
Salted nuts2.80€


Grilled goat cheese salad7.80€
Warm and spicy salad with chicken fillet7.50€


Pumpkin puree-soup5.20€
Russian meat soup (Solyanka)4.90€


Cleverly delivered words made Indrek to shiver and a thought came to his mind, there is a slight chance that Mr Maurus might know where this tea cup handle is actually from. Trying to find an excuse or a reason for entering dining room alone made Indrek realise that he actually might have Mrs Malmberg on his mind, she loves educating juniors.

Shredded salmon14.00€
Maurus grill13.00€
Pork chop with cheddar cheese and peach12.00€
Lamb pot12.00€
Cheese schnitzel9.00€
Fish and chips9.00€

Beef burger with french fries12.00€
Goat cheese risotto8.00€
Seafood risotto7.60€
Children’s steak: Sausages and french fries6.00€


Green salad, boiled potatoes, oven potatoes, french fries.


„Ahaa!“ shouted Mr Maurus „Tell Tigapuu to come here!“ On his arrival, Mr Maurus stepped closer, sniffed his clothes and checked his breath then poked him on his chest and shouted: “Du Schinder! Wo warst du?” When Tigapuu didn’t respond there and then, principal continued shouting: “What is this sweet smell? Where did you get it from”?

Pancake with jam and ice cream4.60€
Pancake with halvah and condensed milk4.60€
Pancake with jam4.40€
Pancake with honey4.40€
Ice cream ball with jam4.40€
Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream5.00€
Ice cream with Vana Tallinn4.90€

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