„Be it even few coppers “shouted the principal. „Remember what Mr Maurus says, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to money and other things, he has gone all grey because of it. He says: Never leave your money in a collection box, not here nor a hotel, because it is like a hotel here… like in a large boarding school hotel. If you don’t have a safe place or unsure on how to handle it then bring it to Mr Maurus: you should bring it to me if you don’t know how to handle your money wisely.

Hot & cold beverages

Caffe latte2.50€
Cocoa with whipped cream2.80€
Flavoured and herbal tea2.10€
Flavoured and herbal tea in small teapot3.80€
Flavoured and herbal tea in large teapot4.80€
Irish coffee6.50€
Coffee with “Vana Tallinn” liqueur6.20€
Mulled wine non-alcoholic 3.60€
Mulled wine 14%3.90€

Coca-Cola 25cl1.80€
Coca-Cola Zero 25cl1.80€
Sprite 25cl1.80€
Schweppes Tonic Water 25cl1.80€
Schweppes Russian 25cl1.80€
Vichy Classique 33cl1.50€
Vichy Mineral 33cl1.50€
Karl Friedrich Root Beer 0.5L2.60€
Põltsamaa juice (orange, apple, plum, cranberry, multi, tomato) 25cl1.80€
Milk 25cl1.40€
Kefir 25cl1.40€

Draft beer

Saku Originaal 4,7%0,5L4.50€
Grimbergen Ambree 6,5%0,5L5.30€
Grimbergen Pale Ale 5,5%0,5L5.30€
Kronenbourg Blanc 5,0%0,5L5.30€
Paulaner Münchner Märzen 5,8%0,5L5.30€
Kasteel Rouge 8%0,33L6.20€

Bottled beer

Saku Hele 5,2%0,5L4.50€
Saku Manchester 4,2%0,5L 4.50€
Saku Tume 6,7%0,5L4.50€
Saku Karl 5,0%0,5L4.50€
Saku Kirss 4,5%0,5L4.50€
A. Le Coq premium 4,7%0,5L4.50€
A. Le Coq Tõmmu Hiid 4,7%0,5L4.50€
Budweiser Budvar Lager 5,0%0,5L5.50€
Belhaven St.Andrews Ale Beer 4,6%0,5L5.80€
Shepherd Neame Spitfire Amber ale 4,5%0,5L6.20€
Heineken 5%0,33L4.50€
Muddis Gooseberry Weisse 5,9%0,33L4.80€
Muddis Tapa IPA 6,5%0,33L4.80€
Blue Moon Belgian white 5,4%0,33L5.00€
Guiness Hop House Lager 5%0,33L5.00€
O ́Haras Irish Pale Ale 5,2%0,33L5.00€
O ́Haras Irish Red 4,3%0,33L5.00€
O ́Haras Stout 4,3%0,33L5.00€
Norrlands Ljus Lager 4,7%0,33L5.00€
Belhaven Craft Pilsner 4,8%0,33L5.00€
Belhaven Scottish Oat Stout 7,0%0,33L5.00€
Mikkeller Heated Seats 4,9%0,33L5.00€
Guiness Extra Stout 5%0,33L5.00€
Triple Karmeliet 8,4 %0,33L6.00€
Kasteel Barista 11%0,33L6.20€
Lindemans Kriek 3,5%0,35L6.20€
Lindemans Pecheresse 2,5%0,35L6.20€
Non-alcoholic beer:
Budweiser alcohol free 0,5%0,33L4.00€
Heineken alcohol free 0,0%0,33L4.00€

Beer coctails

Maurus WhisBeer Pale Ale 6.50€
Maurus WhisBeer Blanc6.50€
Maurus WhisBeer Ambree6.50€

Ciders and mixed drinks

Sheppy’s Traditional 6,0% 0,5L6.20€
Sheppy’s Raspberry Cider 4,0 %0,5L6.20€
Hartwall Original Long Drink 5,5%0,33L5.00€
Stonewell Rós Apple Rhubarb Cider 5.5%0,33L5.50€
Alkoholivabad siidrid:
Stonewell alkoholivaba 0,0%0,33L5.00€

House wine

White / red12cl3.60€
75 cl26.00€

Sparkling wine

Martini Asti75 cl29.00€
Zonin Prosecco Cuvee 182175 cl29.00€
Zonin Prosecco Millesimato Cuvee20 cl8.90€


Campari 25%4cl4.20€
Rigas Balzamz chocolate & mint 30%4cl4.50€
Branca Menta 28%4cl4.50€


Gordons 37,5%4cl4.50€
Bombay Sapphire Dry Gin 40%4cl4.80€


Jose Cuervo Espec. Silver 38%4cl4.50€
Jose Cuervo Espec. Cold 38%4cl4.50€
Del Maguey Vida Mezcal 42%4cl5.50€


Vana Tallinn 40%4cl4.20€
Kännu Kukk 45%4cl4.20€
Kristall Kümmel 45%4cl4.20€
De Kuyper Blue Curacao 20%4cl4.20€
Fireball 33%4cl4.50€
Jägermeister 35%4cl4.50€
Baileys Irish Cream 17%4cl4.50€
Galliano Vanilla 30%4cl4.50€
Shankey´s Whip 33%4cl4.50€
Cointreau 40%4cl4.50€

Brands and cognacs

Fernando de Castilla Solera Reserva 36%4cl4.50€
Metaxa 5* 35%4cl4.50€
Maxime Trijol Pieneau des Charentes 17%4cl5.00€
Maxime Trijol Special 40%4cl5.50€
Don Royal XO extra reserve brandy 40%4cl5.80€
Pére Magloire V.S.O.P 40%4cl5.80€


Havana Club 3YO 37,5% 4cl4.50€
Havana Club Especial 37,5%4cl4.50€
Havana Club 7YO 40%4cl5.50€
Stroh Rum 60%4cl5.50€
Bumbu The Original rum 40%4cl6.20€


Scotch whiskey:
Monkey Shoulder 40%4cl6.00€
Johnny Walker Black Label 40%4cl6.20€
Singleton single malt 12y 40%4cl6.50€
Aberlour speyside single malt scotch 12y 40%4cl6.50€
Laphroaig 10y 40%4cl6.50€
Tomintoul 12y Oloroso singel malt 40%4cl6.50€
Ledaig single malt 10y 46,3%4cl6.50€
Highland Park single malt 12y 40%4cl6.50€
Irish whiskey:
Jameson Irish whiskey 40%4cl4.50€
Bushmills 40%4cl4.50€
Connemara Peated Singel malt 40%4cl6.00€
Silkie Irish whiskey 46%4cl6.00€
Fercullen Single Grain Amarone 46%4cl6.50€
USA whiskey:
Jim Bean white label 40%4cl4.50€
Buffalo Trace bourbon 40%4cl4.50€
Makers Mark Bourbon 45%4cl5.50€
Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon 45%4cl6.00€
Jack Daniel ́s Single Barrel 45%4cl6.50€
Eagle Rare 10a 40%4cl6.50€
Japan whiskey:
Suntory Toki 43%4cl6.50€
Yoichi Nikka From The Barrel 51,4%4cl8.50€


Moe Mahe 1886 40%4cl3.20€
J.J Kurberg Rukis 40%4cl4.20€

Other alcoholic beverages

Pére Kermann´s Absinthe 35%4cl4.50€
Handsa Karulauk 40%4cl4.50€

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